Turning and turning in the widening gyre...

Finally able to get back to the Riots after aeons spent writing doctoral proposals (digital mobile opera). Watch this space... Then, of course, Christmas, New Year ...

Phill (Phelps) and I met, I think it was early December, to re-jig 1831 RIOT! after we realised (or were forced to realise) it wasn't working in the form we'd built it in. Mainly, as I recall,  a fully chronological experience was just not possible.

We reverted to the following model:

It retains the 'you have to wander around to experience it' mode. The soundfiles are stacked within the zones - in Zone, for example, there are 11 soundfiles stacked one on top of each other. You still get only ONE soundfile when you enter a zone; to hear the next one in the stack you have to leave the zone, then return.

Obviously, you can wander at will: you can hear the top soundfile for zones 1, 2 & 3, then return to 1 and so on ad infinitum. We wanted to allow participants agency, as if you really are a time-traveller dropping in in October 1831. There's something slightly wrong with your settings, you keep hearing these conversations, events, but you don't know how they're connected; you have to put them together yourself.

Next up:

  • arrange the stacked soundfiles in a coherent manner (currently roughly sorted in chronological order within the stacks)
  • Steve Poole liketh not ye ancyent musik ('they wouldn't have played THAT in riot, would they?' 'Er, perhaps not...') so I'll cut and paste sundry riot sounds from the original (2004) recordings and see how that fits...
Nice weather in Queen Square, Bristol 11 January 2018


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