In Search of Auditory Prey

Finally can get back to the coalface ...

W(here)W(as)I? Last thing that happened was that Steve (Poole) and I tested the latest iteration of 1831 RIOT! on, er, Tues 17 Oct. Seeing 1831Test4 thru' someone else's ears was an eyeopener: damn punters NEVER do what you expect them to! Which is why when you make something like this, the mantra runs: CONSTANT ITERATION! Make, test, remake, test on someone(s) else!

What we established: chronological doesn't work. Il ne marche pas! Es geht nicht! それは動作しません!

  1. Determining 'Day1' then 'Day2' (on entry your phone dictates which day it is for you) doesn't work. If such a model ueberhaupt adopted, then it should be '1st visit - play these files; 2nd visit (on another day) play the other files)'
  2. there is no satisfactory solution to the 'chronological' vs 'locational' dilemma. As we are using located media, it, of course, makes sense to physically locate as many of the soundfiles as possible ie if Mr Claxton lived at Nr 42, then the soundfile relating to him should be outside Nr 42. But what if this doesn't work chronologically? Then people following the 'scape will have no idea where 'Mr Claxton' fits into the timeline of the riots, will they.
  3. Add a further complication (I have from now on decided to call all 'complications' 'opportunities'. Thank you): We don't want to simply stack up playlists of files and you, the punter, stands still and listens to a playlist. We want you to put in some physical effort. We want you to rove around Queen Square like an English Pointer (dog), energetically quartering the ground in search of your auditory prey. Moreover, this was, after all, a riot. And it was October. And it was dark and rainy most of the time. And  no-one, from the Mayor (Pinney) and the Colonel (Brereton) down to the (reluctant) Special Constables (including a certain Mr Isambard Brunel), as the historical record shows, knew what the hell was going on. So why should we, in 2017 present you with a coherent riot, when it really really wasn't?
  4. so a better metaphor for 1831 RIOT! is that a time-traveller (you) visits Queen Square. Your time machine is not state-of-the-art so you arrive at different times and different places, interrogating different layers where different things happened. The information you receive is thus, inevitably, somewhat jumbled, fragmentary. You have to build your own model of what went on. This is what 'historians' do anyway.

  • the idea of the 'time portal' is still retained: you enter thru' the time portal, it plays 'Fry's Letter' (good intro); you move into 'Balladeer' which greets you with a ballad sung about the riots
  • you still move clockwise. You are encouraged to use the grassy areas, tho' if you stick to the paths you should still get the whole experience (no, you're not given a map to follow; we want you to use your ears and wander)
  • soundfiles which can be physically located, are (eg outside the Mansion House)
  • you only get ONE soundfile per Zone. You have to LEAVE the Zone, MOVE to another, get a soundfile for that zone, then DOUBLE BACK to the previous zone to get the next in the playlist for that zone. If you stand still, you only get one soundfile; you have to keep moving and doubling back
  • the soundfiles in each zone are playlisted in chronological order; but, as you are continually doubling back etc, and as you are, obviously, free to seek out the soundfiles in any direction you want; you, stated above, are in charge of your own (wonky) time machine. We don't want to prescribe the path you take: any path is the right path!
  • when all this gets exhausting, the Moonlight Sonata is still on loop in the centre of Queen Square. Sit down and listen.
  • the 'entry portal' is also the 'exit portal' On entry: Fry's Letter'; on exit: RollCall' of some of those killed over the 3 days of rioting. Requiscat in pace.


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