Why Remake 1831 RIOT!

Exposed my baby to Steve Poole yesterday
The baby's nappy needs changing (sorry to put that mental picture in your head!)

Perhaps a good way to gestalten (structure) a GPS-triggered audio-experience is to FIRST observe how someone completely unused to such experiences negotiates the space and see what they do, then structure the experience accordingly (I don't mean SP, I mean some of his comments - of which more later - led me to this train of thought, thanks, Steve!)

But, I recall that HP (Hewlett Packard) monitored people's behaviour in the original and we, The People,  exhibited varied behaviours (as you would expect). Some stuck to obvious linear features (the paths in QS, for example), some spiralled in to the statue at the centre, some quartered the ground methodically, some wandered at random. What do you do, TELL people how to negotiate the experience? But that negates what for me, and SATSYMPH, everything that these soundscapes are about, and what attracted us to the technology in the first place: as a user you determine your own experience by the track they take thru' that experience! That, I suppose, is our artistic credo, and it's nice to come back to it after quite a few years of funding-led experience-design. We want people to get lost, stand there scratching their heads, not know what's going on, or why, we value indeterminism.


What is the re-make of 1831 RIOT! for?

(1) the original 1831 RIOT! was the world's first located audio-play for an intelligent environment (2003/04). But it's remained inaccessible for over 13 years as it was built for outdated technologies - that sounds negative: it was built to testbed and develop the GPS technologies we take for granted nowadays (the thing in your pocket knows exactly where you are and can tailor content to your location). So it was certainly very valuable to Hewlett-Packard and to Calvium. But SATSYMPH consists of a contemporary composer, Marc Yeats, a writer, me, Ralph Hoyte, and Phill Phelps, a coder, audio engineer and musician. We want to use it artistically. The remake of 1831 RIOT! is to make the original available again (and, yes, of course we would make it different nowadays!)

(2) Building on the last 13 years of located technologies (and maybe AR and VR) it's a 'showreel' of what we did THEN and what we want to do NOW.

Sounds reason enough to re-make.


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