Paddling Like Hell Underneath

Further thought resulted in .... (I think it was Einstein who said that...). The 3rd iteration of the remade 1831 RIOT! is as above. Your phone decides which day of the riots it is going to be: Day1 or Day2. On each of these 2 days the above zones are stacked with playlists of the soundfiles for those time-periods (keeping, of course, to the authentic chronology as far as possible). 'SOUNDFILES' are NOT 'about' what happened - they are authentic (as possible) re-enactments of what actually happened, scripted by Liz Crow & Ralph Hoyte and recorded in a soundstudio by professional actors (think 'GPS-triggered audioplay for the smartphone which you can only hear where the actual historic events took place').


You enter QS (Queen Square) thru' the time 'portal'. Entering this zone triggers 'FryLetter' - a letter Joseph Fry (yes, of chocolate and cocoa fame) wrote on the riots in 1831. You then step into 'Balladeer', to hear a sung ballad about the riots. Next, follow the zones clockwise which correspond to the chronologies on the day. For example, enter 'morning' on Day1 and you'll hear a soundfile of what was happening on the morning of Saturday 29th October 1831. Stand still and listen. Continue into 'RiotAct'. This triggers the official declaration of the Riot Act. Step BACK into 'morning' and you will hear another soundfile in the playlist of what happened that morning. Continue clockwise, hear 'Riot Act' again. Continue to 'afternoon': soundfile of happenings that afternoon. On to 'Minister'. BACK to 'afternoon', perhaps. BACK again to 'morning', if thou so desirest, hear another soundfile about what happened that morning. Feeling tired? Wander towards the King William statue in the middle and sit on a bench. Hear the rioters playing the Moonlight Sonata on a Period instrument (no, they can't play it very well! Yes, this actually happened - they 'liberated' a piano and played it in the middle of the riots in the middle of the square). Go BACK to 'afternoon', hear another 'afternoon events on Day1' soundfile. Do as much of this to-ing and fro-ing in time as you want, then exit thru' the time 'portal'; you'll hear a RollCall of some of those killed or injured in the riots. Go again, another day - your phone will know it's 'Day2' and will play a completely different set of soundfiles of what happened on Day2.

Sounds complicated? Not really. We are aiming for maximum simplicity of use (while paddling like hell underneath) and maximum user-experience. We think that by keeping you continually moving back and forth in Queen Square you will get the best of both worlds: a richly multilayered experience of what went on in the actual 1831 Reform Riots and an appreciation of the chronology (the timeline of the riots). There are, after all, some 106 soundfiles for you to discover, but, cleverly, hey, if you only have an hour you could access say 9 or 10 of them, then leave; if, on the other hand, you want it all, then the maximum playlist density is, I think, some 10 sound files. That means you have to enter that zone and leave it, then enter it again 10 times in all to hear all 10 ... Feeling tired again? Head for King William and chill!

Haven't thought of ....

  • query what happens if a user goes 3/4 days; currently they'd start again from scratch on the 3rd day, wouldn't they. Hmmm....


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