Ladies! ladies! Look neither to the left, nor to the right!

  • there are 106 usable soundfiles
  • you can fit maybe 10-12 sound zones (with reliable triggering) in QS (it's a comparatively small area)
  • we want the maximum user-experience (stable, gives good impression of what went on, no frustrating technical or storyline glitches)
  • the riot, tho' centred in QS, was much broader (eg Cathedral, back streets leading off from QS, the Bridewell, the New Gaol (behind the Temple Quay development), middle-class rubberneckers (thrill-seekers) on Brandon Hill...
  • the Android app has a max. capacity of 40mb (boo!). Either, 1, reduce the number of files (boo!) or, 2, reduce the file quality
  • divide the Square into 4 'mood' zones (cf Steve Poole: "riots had/have a flow, a pattern. It's not all shouting, yelling, throwing cobblestones, setting fire to things, looting, attacking people; not all general mayhem. There are periods of calm and relaxation, of humour, even. Then there was a tacitly 'approved' way of going about these things ... even 'riots' have rules." (not verbatim!)
  • 'stack' or playlist the files thus acc to mood
  • chronological experience: the riots started on a Saturday (29th October 1831), ebbed and flowed throughout that day, really got going that night (October - dark quite early; also cold - needed fires to keep the rioters warm), roiled around on the Sunday, became inflamed again during the Sunday, peaked Sunday night and early Monday morning (very early - in the early hours), and ended on the Monday: possible to follow the riots chronologically?
  • 'absolutely located': some incidents can be exactly located (the 'MissVigors', for example, had a school for young ladies at Nr. 6 QS; the Mansion House and The Custom's House also)
  1. 'absolutely located': well, yes, but, (a) QS is comparatively small; all locations can be seen from anywhere in Square; most of the action takes place in the generic square
  2. filesize reduction - still results in satisfactory audio experience, so, OK, we have around 100 files to work with, that's OK.
  3. 'mood' zones - yeeees, but difficult to give impression of the flow of events using this; tends to give impression of confusion
  4. chronological: DAY1: 19 files (3/8/8 - am/pm/night); DAY2: 42 files (10/12/20); DAY3: 2 files (2 in the am); 'general files' such as 'RiotAct' or 'MoonlightSonata': 5

  1. chronological: nearly all the action took place over 2 days (Sat/Sun 29/30 Oct 1831). Divide all time into two days: DAY1/DAY2. Your phone decides which day it is. You have to do two trips if you want both days (note to self: better 'first time in> DAY1; 2nd time>DAY2?)
  2. each of the 2 days further divided - on the ground - into am/pm/night. You follow the day's chronology by walking clockwise round the square (above map inaccurate: designations to be changed)
  3. 'entrance portal' ' closure zone' CHECK!
  4. around King William's statue (benches) there is a 'chillZone' - need to chill, go to chillZone
  5. along some or all of the paths thru' the square we layout some 'general files' (eg DragoonCharge, which swept thru in one direction, I think, laid out along one path: whenever you go into that zone, you get DragoonCharge)
  6. 'enter Zone/Play ONE designated file': we want you to KEEP MOVING (thanks, Phill!); you then move into another Zone: 'play ONE designated file' for that Zone. Go back to first Zone: 'plays you the NEXT designated file from the chronological playlist for that Zone'. Genius!
  7. use trigger lines rather than zones?

  • tested 19 Sept 2017. Warm sunny late afternoon with QS full of people chilling, playing volleyball, freaking out to a silent disco, throwing boomerangs, learning how to city-cycle etc etc

  • worked like a dream. Really evocative, great experience-design! Really good idea (thanks, Phill) to have one file per zone ('leave zone, go back to get the next in the playlist'). chillZone all good. quality excellent. really wonderful to hear the Miss Vigors file; 'revert to general hubbub when all files in zone playlist exhausted' got rather wearing within about 5 min - maybe use 'Balladeer' instead?. Check audio levels ('Balladeer' too loud eg.)


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