1831 RIOT! Re-Make - The Deal.

Why remake 1831 RIOT!?

We, the original 1831ers (Ralph Hoyte, Liz Crow) never wanted to simply 'move on' from 1831 RIOT and leave it languishing in virtual space (somewhere beyond Pluto?). And we were still struck, 12-13 years later, by the quality of the voice acting and recordings - and the fact that there are so many of them: 148 in total, covering nearly all aspects of the 3-day riots. The original was made for 'old tech' (HP iPaqs and GPS receivers in backpacks), wouldn't it be great, now we know so much more about creating located experiences, to make it for contemporary tech? Also, it seems such an historical resource for Bristol, is, surely, of visitor interest, and it was, and remains, the first of its kind, the first attempt to use brand new global positioning technologies for literary aims! It can't be allowed to just disappear!

And, yes, it would be nice to make some of that useful stuff - money - off it. But then you're into 'marketing' and 'PR' and 'distribution' and 'advertising', when you could be spending your valuable artistic time CREATING (!). In any case, who actually BUYS apps? No-one. Who was it who said, 'everything digital eventually becomes free'

So many (true!) stories

So after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and weighing up of possibilities we arm-locked Steve Poole/Professor of History and Heritage/ University of the West of England, Bristol, and Director, Regional History Centre, UWE, who was immensely valuable for feeding us authentic background to the riots originally, and wouldn't let him go till he coughed up some dosh to at least make the thing. Then I talked to Calvium, which was the company in Bristol set up by the original HP Labs people we worked with back in 2003/4, and they agreed to publish the re-make gratis (thanks, guys!). 

Then I talked to the other guys in SATSYMPH LLP, which is the collective three of us set up in 2009 to make contemporary music and poetry and literary located scapes (that would be Marc Yeats - contemporary classical composer, myself - Ralph Hoyte - poet and writer; Phill Phelps - coder, musician and audio-engineer). 

So the deal is that UWE (thru' Steve Pooleare putting some resources into the re-make of 1831 RIOT; that the remake will belong to UWE/Regional History Centre; that Calvium will publish the app to the Appstore and GooglePlay (for Android); and that SATSYMPH  (in this case Ralph Hoyte & Phill Phelps) with Liz Crow will do the actual bloody work (suckers....)


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